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An Integrative Wellness Program for your Patient

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GBC's Links to More Good Days is a comprehensive Integrative Lifestyle Therapy.

Lifestyle Therapy is defined as an inclusive and holistic application to address the core of wellbeing - i.e. mind, body and spirit in a coherent sustainable manner. It assists the patient in meeting the psychosocial needs they have as they go through the rigorous treatment.

Fight or Flight - Self-Care vs. Surrender

The choice patients experience daily. Patients in treatment experiencing the effects of aggressive chemotherapy face the choice hour by hour.

Addressing selected areas of a patient’s mind, body & spirit as one-off is simply antiquated. What is required is addressing the entire core of wellness and wellbeing as a single system, holistically.

Links To More Good Days integrates everything from tending to the physical, mental, emotional and social needs of a patient, to the nutritional side, where they need to focus on providing their body with the proper nutrients and hydration needed to get through treatment. The program is also a great outlet for cancer patients to experience positivity and joy, and a sense of accomplishment as well.  

Golf courses can be some of the beautiful attractions within nature, the picturesque surroundings, whether it’s surrounded by gorgeous trees, or on the edge of an ocean, can make anyone, especially someone fighting for their life feel excited, happy and ready to take on the challenges life is throwing at them. This eco-therapy produces emotional wellbeing, igniting endorphins, which are reduce pain and induce feelings of pleasure.

Each hole on any golf course will be beneficial to the patient. Walking from hole to hole stimulates the physical aspect, as steps turn into active measure as terrain shifts subtly. Walking stimulates a thirst response, prompting hydration. Nutrition is presented and encouraged as fuel. Mindfulness is expressed in putting. Being present and balanced triggers cognition. A physical requirement results in better rest and sleep, allowing the body to recover. Golf is social, being with friends sharing the common-experience of the thrills and chills of getting a hole in one. Lastly, golf is always there, as an escape into wellness

Links To More Good Days is presented, delivered and sustained by committed golf professionals, wellness and integrative professionals and an army of patient motivators, i.e. Golf Buddies. Links To More Good Days can become an extension of your organization patient support service, to find out more please contact us today…

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